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Font Friday- Peoni Pro 4.12.13

12 April, 2013

 Really Excited about the youthful swing of this special script!!

Font Friday 3.22.13 - Great for the Guys

22 March, 2013

This one's for the guys!!!  

Sleek, masculine and straight to the point. 

The entire Columbia Titling Family is a favorite for little boys names and notecards as well as modern invitations!!!

FONT Friday 3.8.13 - Hop On Over

08 March, 2013


Font Friday 3.1.13

01 March, 2013

Fonts vs. the art of beautiful penmanship

Introducing Mary Catherine Folmar of Cotton + quill,

custom calligraphy / illustrations / textile designer

Mary Catherine's loose calligraphy is one of a kind, cheery and graceful.

Fonts are typefaces that have multiple weights and styles, there's lots of them out there and that's what this column will focus on every Friday on the Blog. But we can't pay homage to the art of typography without first saluting the original form of the art; beautifully handwritten is, after all, where most fonts get their birth.  There's nothing more personal than your very own art and whether you start with a carefully drawn monogram or a commissioned piece for your letterpressed wedding invitation, or even commission your very own stationery art!!! - nothing- nothing - nothing-compares to something original.

Giddy about New Fonts!!!

28 February, 2013

Introducing FONT FRIDAY!!!!!

OK...granted, today is Thursday -- but we just couldn't contain the excitement any longer!!  It's no secret we LOVE FONTS over here at SouthernStationery!! Might even be considered a slight addiction by those of us designers who relish playing with typography in the custom announcements, invitations and stationery pieces we're always designing for our clients.  So... starting tomorrow, we will be introducing a NEW FONT EVERY FRIDAY that we will now be carrying in our lines. The possibilities are endless!!!!!  Let us know your favorites!!!