Waterproof Stickers + Bag Tags Combo



(Set of 20 waterproof stickers) + (2 bag tags)

These bag tags sell like hot cakes! Durable and waterproof to the end – They are the perfection of stylish

“easy to spot” luggage tags for anything and everything you don’t want lost! Tag it all!

luggage • sports bags  •  diaper bags  •  lake gear  •  travel-ons  •  pool bag

beach cart •  boat totes •  babysitter keys   •  hunting camps •  moving gifts • great gift or favor


These stickers will make life so much easier!! 100% Waterproof even in the dishwasher!! Perfect for sippys, bottles, lunch boxes and tupperware!  When it's time to start labeling - look no further!!   Choose from a variety of color combos!!